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Jul 21st 2021

Windows Weekly 734

Show Me Your Hands, Bob

Office visual refresh, Windows 365 costs, Microsoft Exchange hack
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Category: News

Office visual refresh, Windows 365 costs, Microsoft Exchange hack

  •  Windows 11 Build 22000.71 Brings More Small Refinements
  •  Microsoft starts testing Teams integration with Windows 11
  •  Developers Can Extend Context Menus and the Share Dialog in Windows 11
  •  Microsoft acknowledges it's dropping its Stores for Business and Education in early 2023
  •  Hands-On with the Office Visual Refresh

More Windows

  •  Microsoft reveals $31 per user per month price tag of one of the coming Windows 365 SKUs
  •  Microsoft rolls out first Windows 10 21H2 test build
  •  Microsoft’s Printing Nightmare Continues
  • Microsoft Issues Workaround for New Windows Vulnerability
  •  Microsoft to Begin Extended-Release Cycle Option with Edge 94

More Microsoft

  • The U.S. Accuses China of Hacking Microsoft
  • Microsoft acquires privileged access management vendor CloudKnox Security

Xbox Corner

  • Flight Simulator, More Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon
  • Xbox Just Had a Record Month in the U.S.
  • Microsoft is Still Bringing DirectStorage to Windows 10 Too
  • Valve's Steam Deck is a $400+ Portable Gaming PC

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Check out the Inspire sessions
  • Tip of the week: Check out Just JavaScript
  • App pick of the week: Chrome 92
  • App pick of the week: DuckDuckGo's Email Protection service
  • App pick of the week: Visual Studio Code (with built-in JavaScript debugging)
  • Enterprise pick of the week: SharePoint Server Subscription Edition
  • Codename pick of the week: Project Moca
  • Beer pick of the week: Finback Orange Crush

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