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May 12th 2021

Windows Weekly 724

Maine Grapefruit

Windows 10X delayed once again
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Category: News

Windows 10X delayed once again

  • Microsoft drops Windows 10X before it ever launched
  •  The Way Forward for Windows

More Windows

  •  HP Elite Folio First Impressions
  •  Intel Launches 11th-Generation Core-H Processors for Mobile
  •  Google Says it Will Move Towards No Passwords
  •  What’s new in Windows Holographic Version 21H1
  •  All Windows 10 upgrade safeguards have been lifted

Microsoft 365

  •  Microsoft starts rolling out its Webinars feature in Teams
  • Microsoft Brings Webinar Capabilities to Teams
  •  The Pentagon May Cancel Microsoft’s JEDI Contract
  •  Microsoft Fixes Outlook Email Bug
  •  Microsoft to Allow EU Customers to Store All Data in the EU


  • Microsoft brings Threat and Vulnerability Management capability to Linux
  • Porting Linux's eBPF to Windows 10 and Windows Server


  •  Microsoft Doesn’t Make a Profit on Xbox Consoles
  •  Xbox Introduces a Console Purchase Pilot
  •  Sony Now Expects PS5 Shortages Through 2022
  •  Nintendo Switch Hits 85 Million Units Sold
  •  Microsoft Announces the May Xbox Update(s)

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: Jump on the "no passwords" train
  •  App pick of the week: Call of Duty Mobile
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Bye, bye Azure Blockchain
  •  Codename pick of the week: Santorini
  •  Beer pick of the week: Deciduous Lollipop Forest

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