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Oct 21st 2020

Windows Weekly 695

Azure in SPAAACE!

It's Windows 10 20H2 time! Also, Edge on Linux
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It's Windows 10 20H2 time! Also, Edge on Linux

  • Microsoft releases the October 2020 Update to 'seekers'
  • Here are the "biggest" new features
  •  Here are the known issues
  •  Here is when Microsoft will halt the release because of problems. Kidding. Maybe.


  • More Windows News
  •  New Dev channel build brings theme-aware splash screens to some built-in apps
  •  Windows 10 comes to Chromebook (Enterprise) via Parallels Desktop.
  •  Semi-related: A Your Phone rant by MJF. This should be a great app. It's not but I hope it's fixable.


  • The Office PWA saga continues
  •  Office PWAs were being installed on Insider PCs. And then on normal PCs. Now, Microsoft says it's just a bug in Edge and will be fixed. That said… Shouldn't these apps be installed in Windows 10?
  •  And speaking of PWAs: There's a way to start testing by putting them in the Microsoft Store with PWA Builder


  • Hell freezes over. Again.
  •  Microsoft releases Edge browser preview on Linux.
  •  Semi-related: Chromium-based WebView2 starts rolling out (Win32 only)


  • Cloud News
  •  Microsoft launches Azure into space.
  • Microsoft launches Azure in a container (again?)


  • Xbox News
  •  Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting a 120 fps upgrade on Xbox Series X|S
  •  October Update for Xbox is available. And yes, this is what the Xbox Series X|S UI will look like too.
  •  Related: Sony PS5 UI looks … familiar.


  • Tips and picks
  • Tip of the week: How to get Windows 10 20H2. If you're on Windows 10 version 1903 or newer, check for updates: If your PC configuration is not blocked, you'll get it. More technical users who aren't worried can simply get the update from the Update Assistant or the newly-available ISO.
  •  Tip of the week #2: Here's how to "fix" Alt + Tab in 20H2. Don't like how Edge tabs appear as their own "apps" in Alt + Tab? Here's how to fix that problem. (I hate it.)
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft, the live events consultant. Microsoft isn't running just its own live events. It's now seemingly in the business
  •  Codename pick of the week: Akri. Is Kubernetes driving you over the edge? You need Akri. Akri (translates to "edge" in Greek) is a new open source project. Akri (sort of) stands for A Kubernetes Interface for the edge. This is for edge devices too small to run Kubernetes themselves and which users may want to connect to Kubernetes.

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