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Oct 7th 2020

Windows Weekly 693

Greece is the Word

MS Fall Hardware Launch, Antitrust in Congress

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Category: News
  • Microsoft's fall hardware launch: more evolution than revolution
  •  As expected, the new small Surface Laptop, christened Surface Laptop Go
  •  Updated models of Surface Pro X
  •  New accessories
  •  And that's it. No refreshes on the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Surface Go
  •  This is nothing short of a strategy do-over for Surface. Granted it's been unfolding for years.
  •  Related: Some more impressive PCs were announced this week too
  •  Related: New Win 10 test build for Dev Channel adds a new optional customization page, file-association management


  • Let the antitrust games begin for FAMA
  •  Big tech companies are abusive monopolies that need breaking up or regulating, says the U.S. House Judiciary committee
  •  Microsoft isn't on the guilty list this time around. Why? Outside gaming, not much consumer impact. And it's not a monopoly any more in any market.


  • Not a great week for the Microsoft cloud
  •  Back to back (to back) Outlook problems this past week, starting with this one
  •  And today, we're back to admin portal issues for M365/O365. Sigh
  • A post-mortem on the big Azure AD outage: Definitely the perfect storm
  •  Related: Greece is the word (for a new MS datacenter region... someday in the future)


  • Bing is rebranded to Microsoft Bing. This is huge!
  • Microsoft celebrates the best-ever year for Xbox Game Studios


  • Tips and picks
  •  Tip of the week: Display file extensions. It came from the Twitters: Power users are confused about why Windows doesn't display file extensions by default. Power users should know better.
  •  App pick of the week: Visual Studio Code. Everyone's doing it! And now you can access Edge Dev Tools right in the editor
  •  Dev picks of the week: DConf: Microsoft's first Java dev conf for the community. Free reg, Oct. 27 to 29. Learn JavaScript for free with Microsoft's new course
  •  Codename pick of the week: A bevy of Surface-related codenames. Nora, Wakita and Wolfe, Canon, Silas and Goma (thanks Aggoramenti Lumia)
  •  Whiskey pick of the week: Screwball Whiskey. Like peanut butter? Then this is too dangerous to drink. It's unbelievable. Now I need to pair it with a grape jelly vodka :)

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