Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott

Sep 16th 2020

Windows Weekly 690

The Smurface Duo

Surface Duo Review, Cloud Gaming, Bye Bye TikTok
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Category: News
  • Leo and the Duo
  • One week in (almost), what's his take on the Surface Duo?
  • MJF's review: Nice hardware, confusing software
  • Overall, the reviews are very negative.


  • The TikTok clock has stopped for Microsoft
  •  A bullet dodged
  •  Good luck, Oracle
  • This is the last time we ever talk about this. LET'S HOPE!


  • Windows 10: Where are we now?
  •  Windows 10 20H2 should be released any day now
  •  Windows 10 build 20215 (Dev) hit today with one new feature
  • When will testers start getting 10X builds, given it's expected to debut in spring 2021? Will they get 10X builds?
  • Plus… Microsoft is working to make update blocker messages better
  •  Your Phone's App feature is on more Samsung phones .. But not Surface Duo


  • Subscription bundles: The future?
  •  Apple launched several AppleOne service bundles yesterday (all for consumers)
  •  But don't forget the antitrust concerns!
  • Microsoft has a lot of work and home subscription bundles, too, but so far, no crossover bundles.
  •  Maybe MetaOS signals a change is coming


  • Xbox
  • Project xCloud Cloud Gaming is here
  •  Apple says FU to Microsoft and Cloud Gaming
  •  Microsoft gets a bit more transparent about data collection on Xbox
  •  Xbox One S launch video leaks
  • Win an Xbox One X at Taco Bell


  •  Tip of the week: Change your browser, email app defaults on iOS to Microsoft apps. The latest beta versions of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Outlook now work with iOS 14.
  •  App pick of the week: Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code has emerged as the go-to developer editor on all platforms, including Linux. Part of the appeal is its extensibility. This week, Microsoft shipped its C++ extension.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft Ignite is next week. Ignite 2020 a 2 day virtual event kicking off on Tuesday. The (partial?) session list is up for those who register. Expect lots of cloud, hybrid, Power Platform, M365 but also some Project Reunion stuff, possibly. MJF and Paul will banter live right after WW next week with the Patch & Switch guys.
  • Codename pick of the week: Project OneFuzz

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