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Sep 2nd 2020

Windows Weekly 688

Dead Cat Walking

When will we know about the TikTok sale? Xbox Series S leaks again
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​When will we know about the TikTok sale? Xbox Series S leaks again

  • Tik, Tok... the clock is ticking
  •  Microsoft and Walmart are teaming up on bid for TikTok
  •  China intervention throws a last-minute wrench into the acquisition … And now there are rumors that TikTok's algorithms won't be included in any deal
  •  Sept. 15 is still the cut-off date for a deal (Bloomberg confirmed this week)

Windows 10

  •  Windows 10 version 2004 usage finally sees a surge
  •  News of the weird: Wireless Display quietly hits the "removed features" list for Windows 10 version 2004 about four months after it was first published.
  • More problems with Windows 10 2004: LTE Modem connectivity issue resulting in some users blocked from getting the feature update
  • MJF's victory over her Win 2004/Ethernet issues! WOO HOO


  • Surface
  • Microsoft brings Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise to Surface Hub 2S. Thanks, COVID-19!
  •  So where's that Surface Hub display?

Microsoft 365/Cloud

  • Outlook Spaces ("Project Moca") is real, Microsoft finally admits
  •  Is Microsoft rebranding Bing?


  • Xbox Series S leaks again. Seriously, Microsoft. Announce it already.
  • Here are the first Xbox Game Pass titles for September - And the Games with Gold titles
  •  Designed for Xbox logo gets a refresh for Xbox Series X
  • Microsoft will bring Xbox Series X's DirectStorage APIs to Windows 10 … eventually
  •  Activision is going to charge a console upgrade vig on next Call of Duty

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Use a Windows 10 PC as a second display. Most people probably aren't aware that Windows 10 can be configured as a Miracast receiver, meaning that you can use the screen of one PC as the second screen for another. (Related post.)
  •  App pick of the week: Your Phone. If you use an Android phone, you need to check out Your Phone for Windows 10, perhaps not for the first time. It's gotten a lot better. And will continue getting better going forward.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: M365 SMB users get an easier security setup. M365 Business Premium subscribers now have a one-stop way to handle security setup. A new setup experience will be rolling out over the next few months for small and mid-size business users via the Admin Center (and using Intune):
  •  Codename pick of the week: Poster. The codename for the 55-inch Surface Hub is "Poster." That's a codename dug up today by The Walking Cat and confirmed by Brad Bunnysuit Sams. But why Poster?
  •  Beer pick of the week: Black is Beautiful. This is a collaboration/benefit beer that is being brewed by a lot of different breweries, each of which is doing its own take on it. The base recipe for it is from Weathered Souls Brewing and is an imperial stout. Other Half in Brooklyn has a tasty version. And many other breweries do, too (and It's in both cans and bottles).

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