Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott

Aug 26th 2020

Windows Weekly 687


Surface Duo Hands-on, Happy 25th Win 95, TikTok Drama
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Surface Duo Hands-on, Happy 25th Win 95, TikTok Drama

  • Hands-on with Surface Duo
  •  Microsoft has sent out the Surface Duo review units … and Mary Jo got one! So did Brad.
  • We can't say a whole lot before 9/10 due to our embargo.
  •  Paul and Mary Jo both got Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultras to review as well.
  • Other Microsoft Android news
  • Let's talk about the new Microsoft Android Launcher release (6.2)
  •  Let's also talk about the new Apps experience for Your Phone rolling out to "everyone"
  • Happy Birthday, Windows 95!
  •  This week is the 25th anniversary of Windows 95
  •  Mary Jo looks back
  • Paul looks back - And this from the 20th anniversary
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 version 1803 support is extended for 6 months. Thanks, COVID!
  •  Microsoft brings WSL 2.0 to Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909
  •  Does this say anything about versioning and feature delivery going forward?
  • 20H2: Windows 10 version 20H2 ready for "commercial validation"
  •  'Next': New Insider Preview Dev build brings new Disk Management settings
  • Microsoft 365/Cloud
  • What is MeTAOS?
  •  Microsoft adds audio transcription features to Word for web.
  •  Paul tested it and it's pretty good
  • Immersive Reader is ready for third-party apps
  • This week in the never-ending drama
  •  The TikTok soap opera (and how Microsoft may have gotten swept up in it)
  •  JEDI award delayed another 30 days
  • Xbox
  • August 2020 Update for Xbox adds some new Dashboard features
  • Microsoft backs Epic in its fight against Apple


  • Tips and picks
  •  Tip of the week: Read! After talking to MJF about learning, it occurred to me that I could set aside some time each day to just read. It's so obvious.
  • App pick of the week: Firefox for Android. Firefox for Android is getting a complete re-do. There are pros and cons.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server 'Next' LTSC is coming. After not telling us anything about the test builds of Windows Server 'Next' despite releasing lots of test builds to Insiders, today, we finally have information about the Dev Channel build 20201. 
  •  Codename pick of the week: Strada. Strada was the original codename for TypeScript. And as of last week, TypeScript 4.0 is out
  •  Beer pick of the week: Curious Elixirs. This is an alcohol-free drink pick of the week. If you haven't looked at alcohol-free cocktails and mixes lately, it might be time to give them another look. Hudson Valley NY-based Curious Elixirs is making four pre-mixed non-alcoholic cocktails that rely on juices, herbs and other natural ingredients to simulate cocktails like Negronis, Dark and Stormys and more. I've tried two and they are quite tasty (though a bit pricey):

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