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Aug 12th 2020

Windows Weekly 685

It's Not a Phone

Preorder Surface Duo Now! Plus Minecraft Education Edition on Chromebooks

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Preorder Surface Duo Now! Plus, Minecraft Education Edition on Chromebooks.

  • Microsoft announces Surface Duo
  • Surface Duo will cost $1400 and is available for pre-order; ships on September 10


  • Windows 10
  • One 20H2 build with just fixes. Nothing to see here.
  • Today, a new Dev Channel build with a new "post-feature update" welcome experience
  •  An interesting Windows-related reorg last week, which gave Pumped Panos more POWER
  • Lots of mindless corporate drivel-speak in the internal memos.


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Ignite 2020 is now a two-part show
  • Office and cloud services are booming. But so is Windows. Lucky M365 is one, big happy family!


  • Cloud
  •  Microsoft reuses another codename: Fiji is now an AWS Outposts hybrid competitor
  •  Could Twitter steal TikTok away from Microsoft? (No.) But one can hope!


  • Xbox + games
  • Xbox Series X is coming in November … But Microsoft delays Halo Infinite
  • Antitrust: Apple's war on cloud gaming is impacting Microsoft, needs to be stopped
  • Cloud Gaming comes to mobile in beta ahead of September launch
  • Leak reveals that Xbox Series S DOES exist
  • Minecraft Education Edition is now available on Chromebooks


  • Tips and picks
  • Tip of the week: Make the move to YouTube Music. A lot of people are down on YouTube Music because it's not just like Google Play Music. But it has one major advantage that makes it the single best music service available.
  • App pick of the week: Parallels Desktop 16. PD 16 arrives with better perf and macOS Big Sur support.
  • Codename pick of the week: Deschutes. Microsoft's coming CloudPC service has a codename: Deschutes. It *might* be named for the brewery which makes the excellent Fresh Squeezed IPA and Black Butte porter. Or maybe (and more likely) it's named for the place/river in Oregon.
  • Codename pick 2 of the week: Oakdale. Oh, Dynamics 365/Power Platform team... how did this happen? You seemingly infringed on another company's branded trademark. But at least we have Project Oakdale, the version of the soon-to-be-renamed Dataflex for Teams.

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