Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Jul 29th 2020

Windows Weekly 683

The Purposeful Luddite

Microsoft Earnings, Antitrust Hearings, XBox Series X Reaction

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Category: News
  • Microsoft is doing just great during the pandemic, thank you very much.
    • Microsoft 365 generated $20 billion in revenues in FY20!
    • How does that compare to "Commercial Cloud." And … what's in those revenues? Windows?
    • SMB is slowing: How this changes where MS makes money - remember that Microsoft abandoned SMB earlier in the pandemic too
  • Today's the day for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google CEOs. And here's a new take on "embrace and extend": Copy, acquire, kill
  • Windows 10 launched five years ago today
  • Surprise! Microsoft just added a bunch of 21H1 features to Windows 10 version 20H2.
  • Could this possibly be evidence there won't be a Windows 10 21H1?
  • Related: Build 20180 is out in the Dev channel, enabling all the features the Beta channel just got
  • New Tasks app comes to Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Family Safety app heads out of preview
  • NBA is partnering with Microsoft to put fans in the stands at this year's games
  • Xbox Games Showcase: What stood out?
    • August is upon us, here's Games for Gold
    • White Xbox controller suggests a Series S


  • Tip of the week: Rethink your relationship with Big Tech. We're not going to solve this problem today. But you can take steps to reduce your reliance on Big Tech.
  • App pick of the week: Edge Beta or Dev. Edge 86 just hit Dev, giving us a peek at that future
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Roadmaps, roadmaps, roadmaps. Cartophiles, rejoice! Chredge enterprise features are now part of the M365 roadmap. And GitHub adds a roadmap for publicly acknowledged coming features. Speaking of new resources, there's also a new landing page is for Windows developers using Node.js, React, Java, Kotlin, Python, Xamarin, and Android Studio
  • Enterprise pick No. 2 of the week: WVD 'spring' refresh now GA. The new features that Microsoft outlined in April for its WVD spring refresh are now generally available as of this week: Azure Portal integration, A/V redirect support for Teams
  • Cocktail pick of the week: Saketini
    • 1 part triple sec (or Cointreau or Grand Marnier)
    • 1 part cucumber lime vodka
    • 5 parts sake
    • Stir and serve over ice, garnish with lime, cucumber, or both
    • With triple sec or Cointreau the drink stays clear, GM adds a little color
    • We use Fu-Ki brand sake

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