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Jul 22nd 2020

Windows Weekly 682

You're A Crybaby!

Slack vs Teams, Win 10 Roadmap, RIP Xbox Live Gold
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Category: News
  •  Slack files an antitrust complaint against Microsoft in the EU, just months after claiming Microsoft wasn't a competitor
  • Compare this to Apple's iOS Store. Is Microsoft dominant in the enterprise? Is Microsoft a gatekeeper to enterprise computing? Does it make a fee when customers choose Slack?
  • Meanwhile, Microsoft's Brad Smith speaks to Congress about Apple's store policies ahead of an antitrust hearing next week.


  • The new Windows 10 roadmap
  •  We could be heading for a once-yearly Windows 10 feature update as Microsoft tries to prioritize 10X development
  •  Windows 10X is going to debut without Win32 support … Late, in 2021.
  •  Speaking of roadmaps: WinUI 3, the core component of Project Reunion, won't happen until 2021.
  •  Oh, and there's a new Windows 10 build today for the Dev channel.


  • Thin clients, here we come
  •  Microsoft is building a Cloud PC service on top of WVD that will turn Windows PCs (and likely more) into thin clients. And it may debut as soon as spring 2021.
  •  How is this different from previous Thin Client initiatives like Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs or Windows and Windows Thin PC? Not to mention RDP solutions like Windows Virtual Desktop?
  •  Microsoft Cloud PC + Windows 10X/other thin clients: Is this our future?


  • Teams keeps rolling along … but is it inspiring?
  •  Microsoft rolls out more new Teams features during Inspire
  •  It's not just Teams. Many other M365 features too.
  •  Microsoft now has two subscription services for managing Teams meeting rooms
  •  Dataflex embeds Power Platform tech even more deeply in Teams
  •  Related: Microsoft shows off next-generation Microsoft 365 UX. Oh wait, no it didn't.


  • Q4 FY20 earnings are tonight
  • Any guesses on what we'll see, besides record numbers for 'commercial cloud'?
  •  Semi-related: Add another 1,000 to Microsoft's July layoff tally. All at LinkedIn


  •  Microsoft stops selling one-year Xbox Live Gold subs. Let the speculation begin.
  • Definitely related: Project xCloud will be part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  •  Microsoft also stops selling Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.


  • Tip of the week: It's time for Microsoft to put up or shut up. Tomorrow's the day: Microsoft will have its first real Xbox Series X games promotion!
  • App pick of the week: Microsoft Edge. With Microsoft Edge 84, we see some minor functional improvements, but a big fix for performance. Why aren't you using this browser yet?
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Azure Stack HCI v2. It's a mouthful. But for customers who want to use their own servers and connect to Azure services, the second iteration of Azure Stack HCI v2 might be the ticket. It's now in public preview.
  •  Codename pick of the week: Cloud (and CloudE). A blast from the codename vault. Who remembers the codenames Windows "Cloud" and "CloudE"? In the end, both of these became Windows 10 S. But as Albacore (@TheBookIsClosed) on Twitter reminded me this week, Cloud started out as a discontinued Windows 10 SKU (replaced by S Mode). And "CloudE," though branded as 10 S, was actually something that never really debuted, Windows 10 Lean.
  • Beer pick of the week: Uiltje Brewing Company Crybaby. It's another beer pick in honor of Steward Butterfield. And even better: he Uiltje Brewing co. is based in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Crybaby is a fruited berliner weisse which they describe as "casually tart." They say: "the only person we are calling a cry baby is the buster who sips our beautiful little Berliner Weisse and complains that it is, uhm….

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