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Jul 8th 2020

Windows Weekly 680

Get Off My Alcantara Lawn

New Start Menu, Teams Features, Magic Leap CEO

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Category: News

Windows 10

  • Microsoft debuts a "new" Start menu
  • Just one problem, it's not new. It's barely even refreshed.
  • Well, two problems. We won't see this until 21H1 at the earliest. Probably.
  • Microsoft is bringing ALT + TAB to Edge tabs --- hated this at first, but it's starting to make sense
  • Windows 10 on ARM check-in - Paul is reviewing an 8cx-based PC. What's changed in two years?
  • Windows 10 2004 problems continue: Your settings aren't supported

Microsoft 365

  • portal is getting a refresh. Can you spot what this looks like now?


  • Microsoft hires 60 employees from Movial to work on Surface Duo OS
  • We previously thought it had purchased the firm, but no. (Similar to Google and HTC, I guess)
  • And as of today, contrary to Microsoft's promise that it was unblocking some Surface devices from receiving 2004, these devices are still blocked. C'mon, Microsoft.


  • Peggy Johnson leaves Microsoft, takes CEO role at Magic Leap
  • Yes, this is like Stephen Elop. No, not for the conspiracy theory nonsense many still believe
  • Microsoft also bought a computer vision company called Orions Systems this week
  • And let the new FY21 reorgs begin! Starting with the field sales org


  • Here comes Halo 3 for PC!
  • Next-gen AAA titles will finally rise to $69.99


  • Tip of the week: Customize your Windows 10 desktop. Brad has some good tips for making Windows 10 more usable and friendly.
  • App pick of the week: Halo 3 for PC. Here comes Halo 3 for PC next week!
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Dynamics 365 and Power Platform 2020 Wave 2 plans are here. Sound the ERP and CRM trumpets! This is the roadmap for the 'hundreds' of new features MS plans to roll out from October to March.
  • Codename pick of the week: Project Freta. Freta is a new free service from Microsoft Research meant to help spot rootkits in cloud VMs.

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