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Jun 10th 2020

Windows Weekly 676

Ferrous and FeFe

Windows Experience Feature Pack
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Category: News
  • What is the Windows Experience Feature Pack?
  •  If you get Windows 10 2004, you automatically get this thing. But MS officials won't talk about it... (insert shrug emoji here)
  •  Microsoft fixed a blocker issue for the May 2020 Update that brings Windows 10 version 2004 to Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3.
  • Related: Another Windows 10 Fast Ring build is out today. It has nested virtualization for AMD processors. And a few fixes. That's it.
  • We heard from Keivan Beigi, Mr. AppGet
  •  Amazon sues Google over our old buddy Brian Hall
  •  FU2, Microsoft! Slack and Amazon partnership is interesting
  •  Apple set to announce macOS on ARM - It will succeed where Microsoft and Qualcomm have failed repeatedly. Also, Apple should buy DuckDuckGo, not Microsoft.
  •  Using Brave requires trust. And they just blew it.
  •  Déjà vu: Now 50 U.S. states want to break up Google. This is a great idea.
  • Hardware is hard. Google sold only 7.2 million handsets in 2019, and most of them were low-end devices. Remember when Microsoft used to sell many more than that?
  •  Huawei is at war because of U.S. actions against it. One strategy: Hoarding.


  • Xbox
  •  Microsoft launches Digital Direct
  •  And whatever happened to that disc-to-digital thing?
  •  Sony's PS5 games event is rescheduled to this Thursday
  •  New Game Pass games for June
  • Plus: There's a big Xbox sale right now


  • Tip of the week: Consider powerline networking. Everyone knows about Wi-Fi and Ethernet, but powerline networking provides an interesting middle ground between the two and can work well in some circumstances.
  • App pick of the week: Sumatra PDF. It ain't pretty, but Sumatra PDF is the lightweight and full-featured PDF reader we need. Plus, it works with EPUB as well.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: WVD users: MSIX App Attach is ready for testing. Windows Virtual Desktop users can now test MSIX App Attach. If this ends up working as advertised, it should make using WVD even better.

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