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May 6th 2020

Windows Weekly 671

Where the Apps Aren't

Windows 10X Delayed "Because COVID"
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Windows 10X Delayed "Because COVID" 

Windows, Windows, Windows!

  •  Panos opens up. Paul analyzes Panay's very short post - It's interesting what he says and doesn't say
  •  You knew it. We knew it. Now Microsoft is officially saying it: Windows 10X is delayed.
  •  So when will the first 10X devices be available? MJF: My bet is spring 2021 at the earliest
  •  What about the Neo? (Or some kind of dual-screen Surface) Holiday 2021?

Windows 10 version 2004

  •  Microsoft issues the final build
  •  It's coming "this month" … but not on Patch Tuesday, it seems
  • MJF hears this is the newest 2004 rollout schedule
  •  Related: Steven Sinofsky is writing a book. Paul will read it so no one else has to. There will be a lot of history rewriting.
  •  Related: Your Phone can now play music from your phone

Ta-da: It's the Surface spring reveal

  •  Microsoft unveils a ton of new hardware all at once, and it is all available for pre-order now.
  •  Surface Book 3
  •  Surface Go 2 - Paul has one, no meaningful changes
  •  Surface Dock 2, USB-C Travel Hub, new keyboards
  •  Surface Headphones 2
  •  Surface Earbuds

Build 2020: Setting expectations

  • It really is going to be a developer event. GOOD.
  •  Don't expect big product/strategy unveilings. There will be news, but news for developers, not the media and the masses. And no 90 minute vision keynotes! WOO-HOO!

Q3 FY20 Earnings: How did we do, prediction-wise?

  • Teams now at 75 million daily active users
  •  Supply chain issues for server components held Microsoft's datacenter spending back
  •  Paul's look at Microsoft's consumer businesses


  •  Xbox Game Pass now has over 10 million subscribers

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: Get started with Microsoft Edge Collections. The one major unique feature in the new Edge is worth checking out. And more features are coming soon.
  •  Also: If you own the Windows 10 Field Guide, I just updated the Install and Microsoft Edge
  • App pick of the week: Lots of choices this week
  • Firefox for desktop 76 - new password protections
  • Forza Street for Android and iOS
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Virtual Desktop spring refresh. Microsoft is adding a few new features to WVD this month. But there's something seemingly much bigger on the WVD horizon.
  • Enterprise pick of the week No. 2: More MS cloud datacenter regions are coming. Poland and New Zealand are both going to be getting dedicated Microsoft cloud regions. We don't know when in either case, but we do know the datacenters will offer Azure, O365, and Dynamics 365.
  • Beer pick of the week: Hermit Thrush Party Jam Mango. A delightfully spring-like kettled soured beer with mango from those sour/wild ale specialists at Hermit Thrush in Brattleboro, VT. This was my beer pick from the TWiT shelter in kitchen show:

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