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Apr 29th 2020

Windows Weekly 670

Freeze Your Crumpets

Microsoft and Google Earnings, Teams vs Zoom, Games With Gold May 2020

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Microsoft earnings are later today. A few predictions. Google's are in, and they are surprisingly good.
Cloud outlook: cloudy

  •  Microsoft outlines more steps it's taking to try to keep its cloud services up and running
  •  But constraint issues are still happening and no real details are available on how it's increasing capacity
  • Related: Samsung's memory business is going gangbusters because of cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft
  •  But … will it last? And won't consumer demand for "stuff" overtake this again at some point?
  •  GitHub has back-to-back outages

Windows 10

  •  Windows 10 version 1909 now on 1/3rd of Windows 10 PCs
  •  OneDrive differential sync is finally rolled out to all users
  •  Intel unlocks graphics drivers

Microsoft 365

  •  Microsoft posts that Microsoft 365 consumer briefing -- and I checked, they communicated Teams consumer features properly
  •  Microsoft details new M365 features released/announced in April
  •  Interesting tidbit: You can open two Word or PPT documents now on iPad
  •  GSuite users can now directly manage Windows 10 devices
  • Google Meet now free. Take that, Skype and Teams! Hm.
  •  Zoom chooses Oracle to expand its cloud infrastructure (over Azure, AWS, GWC).
  • Microsoft patches GIF vulnerability in Teams
  •  Speaking of Teams, Planner in Teams is being rebranded as Tasks starting in May


  •  Games with Gold for May is announced

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: Turn your Microsoft Rewards into Mixer subscriptions. Mixer now lets you redeem your Microsoft Rewards points for channel subscriptions so you can use your Rewards to directly support your favorite streamer.
  •  App pick of the week: Stardock Curtains. Thanks to Windows 10's support for Dark Mode, it's now possible to skin this thing in an elegant way.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server containers now GA on Azure Kubernetes Service. Move over Linux. Windows Server container support is now available in AKS after a year in preview.
  •  Codename pick of the week: Santos. Microsoft has been dabbling with the idea of holoportation (telepresence) for a while. It may be getting more serious. Walking Cat found links to a couple of apps: Mirage and Santos, that could be related to this work. Mirage allows users to add a virtual monitor and Santos is some kind of teleconferencing client.
  •  Beer pick of the week: All Cats are Grey in the Dark. A "white" stout! It's a thing. There's a very good example of the style from Fat Orange Cat Brewing. Clocks in at a modest 7.2%. Tastes of coffee, vanilla, and a little chocolate. Definitely sweet and syrupy. It's worth trying:

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