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Feb 12th 2020

Windows Weekly 659

Our Marshmallow, Raspberry, Cherry, Vanilla Slush Pop

MWC 2020 cancelled, Windows 10X Revealed
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Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled

  •  Coronavirus fears shutter the world's largest mobile conference.

Essential Shuts Down

  •  Android creator, genius, and alleged harasser Andy Rubin's phone company folds up after poor Essential and Gem sales.

Windows 10X revealed

  •  Microsoft released the Windows 10X SDK and emulator during its Microsoft 365 Developer Day event on Tuesday and finally provided some information about how this new platform will work.
  •  All apps will run in containers, but there are different containers for different types of apps
  •  A new reputation model is coming that's meant to ensure apps are trusted and no need for AV software
  •  Paul sees Windows 10X as the next NT, an attempt by Microsoft to redefine Windows for the future
  •  Dual-screens aren't just for Windows, of course. Google brought it to Android, and Microsoft wants to bring it to the web as well.
  •  And let's not forget that Windows 10X isn't really just for dual-screen devices. This is the opening salvo.
  •  And yes, Paul will write a Windows 10X Field Guide. I even have a cunning plan!

Surface Duo and Neo

  •  Surface Duo is spotted out in the wild. We've seen the photos and a video.
  •  Microsoft brings Duo development to Mac and Linux
  •  Forget lappable. Is the Surface Neo going to offer basic usability by mere mortals? Let's roll the video (thanks Walking Cat)

Bingjacked no more

  •  As expected, Microsoft has backed off from its silly attempt to undermine user preferences in Chrome
  •  Related: XLOOKUP comes to Excel on Windows, Mac, and Web - Related: IBM adopts Slack. Should Microsoft be worried?

Windows 10

  •  Microsoft has released several Insider builds recently with no new features, and build 19041.8 is now in the Slow ring. That's 20H1, not 20H2, but it appears that that version is now just getting pre-release bug fixes.
  •  Related: Edge is now available in stable for the 6 Windows 10 on ARM users.


  •  Microsoft says it partners with Google on dual-screen devices and with Samsung on … something. What does this really mean? (Hint: Nothing or almost nothing)

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: It's time to review your subscriptions.
  •  We're suffering from subscription fatigue, and I bet you are too. Let's take stock.
  •  Plus: Sign-up for the limited iOS preview of xCloud!
  •  App pick of the week: Tweeten 5.
  •  Mehedi has updated Tweeten to version 5, adding Windows 10 on ARM support and several new features.
  •  App pick of the week #2: Windows 10X Emulator.
  •  The Windows 10X emulator has some specific requirements, but it gives developers---and, yes, enthusiasts---their first peek at the future.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: The 'LDAP Apocalypse' has been postponed.
  •  Microsoft isn't going to start pushing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol changes around LDAP channel binding and signing until the second half of this year. MS will send a notice to users when the March updates are available; enforcement not till 2nd H. Crisis averted... or at least delayed:
  •  Codename pick of the week: Vail.
  •  I've heard folks at Microsoft talk about the 10X/Lite container infrastructure as codename "Vail." Remember a couple of years ago when there were citations of Rail/Vail coming to Windows? VAIL was Virtualized Application Infrastructure Layer, which ended up being (at least in theory) how the Win32 containerized apps will work. (Bonus: Windows Home Server 2011 also was codenamed Vail.)
  •  A new sour IPA from the excellent Evil Twin NYC folks who happen to have the longest and weirdest beer names around. This sounds bizarre but it really works. Lots of raspberry and a touch of sweet vanilla make this taste a lot like a slush pop (in a very good way). Sour IPAs are definitely a nice hybrid for folks who like sours but aren't sure about IPAs and vice versa.

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