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Feb 5th 2020

Windows Weekly 658

Ring the Red Bell

Panos Panay Takes Over Windows
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This Week's Stories:

Panos Is Wumped (Windows plus Pumped)

  •  Panos is running a new combined Windows and Devices team.
  •  JoeB is going to OXO
  •  What will PC OEMs do?
  •  Key takeaway: This is good for Windows and for Microsoft
  •  Related: More reorg news of the day. Teper is going to run Teams. And Jeff Weiner is out as CEO of LinkedIn.

Microsoft controversies of the week!

#1 Surface Hub 2X: What's happening

  •  After a leak claimed that Microsoft was delaying or even canceling Surface Hub 2X, Microsoft revised its plans (again, remember this is the second major delay/issue).
  •  What the heck is going on with Surface?

#2 Microsoft Store/UWP on the decline

  •  Another nail in the coffin: Microsoft is shutting down the ad-based monetization of UWP apps in the Store.
  •  But which coffin? This probably says more about Microsoft Store than UWP.

#3 BingJacked: The sequel?

  •  Windows Search is down for many this morning. It's back now (but you probably need a reboot or 3)

Microsoft at MWC

  •  Microsoft will show off some stuff at MWC, but nothing like last year. Looks like Paul is staying home.

Microsoft earnings

  •  We're a week late and a dollar short, but let's talk about Microsoft's earnings.
  •  Microsoft earned $11.6 billion on revenues of $36.9 billion in the quarter ending December 31.
  •  Windows had a larger than expected contribution
  •  Paul's business-by-business analysis


  •  There's a new System Update (2002, of course) coming in February
  •  Microsoft launches a new Xbox Bounty Program

Picks of the Week

  •  Tip of the week: Give Game Pass for PC a shot
  •  App pick of the week: Outlook … on mobile, not the PC
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: System Center 2019 Update Rollup 1 is out
  •  Codename pick of the week: Aruba
  •  Beer pick of the week: Allagash Tripel

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