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Dec 18th 2019

Windows Weekly 652

It's a Capossela Christmas

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela, Project xCloud

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Guests: Chris Capossela
Category: News

This Week's Stories: 

Chris Capossela is back!

  •  Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela returns for our favorite holiday tradition.

Xbox Series X

  •  Microsoft unexpectedly announces the name of the next Xbox console
  •  Yes, it's a terrible name
  •  The "real" name of the console generation is just… Xbox
  •  Yes, it's one of at least two console versions (expect an Xbox Series S too)
  •  Given this, should be called Xbox, Series X.
  •  Come on, isn't everyone thinking of Windows Phone 7 Series? Do these people ever learn?

Windows 10 vNext (and vNext Next)

  •  Confusion reigns: Microsoft releases a new Fast ring build that is post-20H1
  •  But it contains improvements that may or may not be in the next version of Windows 10. And the one after that...

Windows 10

  •  You can now make/receive phone calls with Your Phone! (Android only)
  •  Your Phone will soon support 2000 phone photos (up from 25)
  •  Bing Visual Search comes to Windows 10
  •  Semi-related: Invoke users experiences weird outages over the past two weeks. Resetting seems to help, but expect this speaker to continue losing functionality over time.

Microsoft Edge

  •  Microsoft will very aggressively push aside legacy Edge in January when the new Edge appears
  •  It's like the old Edge never happened
  •  Developers can now publish extensions to the new Edge extensions store


  •  Halo: The Master Chief Collection is off to a fast start on PC. Hey Mikey! They like it!
  •  Microsoft announces remaining Game Pass for console titles for December
  •  Activision cites massive success for latest Call of Duty

Tips and picks 

  •  Tip of the week: Stay tuned for the Chris Cap giveaway! Check-in with this week for the details about the Microsoft hardware and software giveaways for Windows Weekly.
  •  App pick of the week: Adobe Lightroom (Microsoft Store version)
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Server 20 04
  •  Codename pick of the week: Alta
  •  Beer pick of the week: Prairie Christmas Bomb

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