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Dec 4th 2019

Windows Weekly 650

Mary Jo in 3D

M365 for Life! Plus, a Windows 10 Year in Review.
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Windows 10: The year in review

  • The year in Windows 10
  • Microsoft changed Windows 10 development in major ways in 2019, and some changes are likely permanent, while others may not be
  • Two feature updates, one real (that failed) and one fake (that succeeded)
  • 20H1 completed much earlier than expected by non-tea-leaf readers
  • What does this all mean for 2020?

Chredging at the Edge

  • Microsoft improves Edge tracking protection. But will it ever rival Brave or Safari?
  • Related: Microsoft shouldn't be adding consumer features to the new Edge (and Edge mobile)

Amazon re: Invent and how it's key to understanding Azure (and Ignite)

  • re:Invent – 60K attendees and a gazillion announcements
  • Ignite – 30K attendees and almost a gazillion announcements. Microsoft wants Ignite to become re:Invent

Mobile + Dev

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop gets a major update on iOS
  • Microsoft releases a Chinese language learning app on Android
  • Seeing AI for iOS comes to 5 new languages
  • Microsoft ships .NET Core 3.1


  • Halo: Reach comes to PC. And you can get it on Steam! What's next?
  • Related: Hands-On with Halo: Reach for PC
  • PS5 dev kit leaked
  • Plus: Scarlett/Lockhart rumors resurface

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Help Mary Jo get the Notepad she deserves
  • App pick of the week: Firefox 71
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Azure Dedicated Hosts
  • Codename pick of the week: Verona
  • Beer pick of the week: Sonoma Sour Stout

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