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Jul 31st 2019

Windows Weekly 632

It's Not All Feathers & Beer

Win10 Turns 4, Chredge Watch, xCloud, and More!
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Four years ago this week, Windows 10 was born

  • Threshold 1 hit on July 29, 2015
  • We first got official word about it in September 2014 (launch of preview); then more in Jan. 2015. Leaks before that.
  • The bests and worsts about WaaS. What surprised us re: changes Microsoft made – and didn't -- during the past four years.
  • Related: New survey finds one third of companies have at least one XP device still on their network

And in more current Windows 10 news…

  • Microsoft explains what happened with self-leaked build last week
  • Related: Last week's Win 10 20H1 test build now supports a separate and redesigned Cortana app
  • Related: New 20H1 test build today adds snip & sketch updates. No cloud reset/refresh yet
  • Windows 10 1903 hits 11.4 percent usage share
  • New Win Server 20H1 build out this week adds FIDO2 authentication support
  • Original HoloLens won't be getting any more Windows 10 feature updates beyond 1809

Chredge watch

  • Walking Cat spotted Beta and Stable channel leaks for Chredge. (I downloaded the beta one – I'm living on the Edge! ™ (I think you mean Living on the Chredge! ™)

Skype for Business Online gets a cut-off date: July 2021

  • In two years, Microsoft will make Skype for Biz Online inaccessible. Teams is the way forward
  • Microsoft also officially committed to providing Skype Consumer to Teams interop by Q1 2020
  • What about Skype Consumer's future? MS is not commenting, but Teams for Life seems to be on the way


  • xCloud moves closer to public testing
  • Microsoft is kicking Cortana off Xbox too
  • There are new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Games with Gold titles for August

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Don't travel internationally without this tech
  • A good VPN, I use ExpressVPN
  • Google Translate
  • A travel power strip (U.S.-based) with USB ports - Also, a USB-C mini-hub with Ethernet
  • App pick of the week: Google Chrome 76
  • App pick of the week: DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3 come to mobile and Switch!
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft buys BlueTalon
  • Enterprise pick No. 2 of the week: It's time to check out Microsoft Learn (again)
  • Beer pick of the week: Austin EastCiders Rose Dry Cider

Want a cross between a cider and a rose wine? Here you go. From Austin, Texas, a refreshing, dry cider made with hibiscus and rose: "This is rose done the Texas way" 

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