Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

May 15th 2019

Windows Weekly 621

I Want To Be Your Rhoda

UWP, PWA, ZombieLoad, and More
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Category: News

This Week's Stories
• Windows 10 is now on 825 million PCs, according to internal Microsoft documentation
• What's going on with PWAs in Windows 10 … and with app distribution and the Store?
• And with UWP? Is it dead? (Yes.) Kevin Gallo doesn't want to use the D word. But he might as well have.
• The notion of Fluid Framework as the end of apps is more than a bit premature.
• Where in the world is Windows 10 version 1903?
• And what about 19H2? MJF: my guess is builds will start in June.
• Microsoft patches a security flaw … in Windows XP Is this related to ZombieLoad?
• Lenovo debuts the world's first folding PC - some mystery around which Windows it's running.
• Reminder: What is Centaurus?
• Lenovo also announces a new line of ThinkBook laptops … for some reason.
• HP launches a dual-screen gaming laptop.
• Does a new SCOTUS ruling signal the coming end to 30 percent vigs at app stores?
• Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now in preview … and it's a deal.

Tips and picks
• App pick of the week: New PowerToys for Windows 10!
• App pick of the week #2: Groupy 1.2 for Windows is all the Sets you need.
• Enterprise pick of the week: Build 2019 Book of News
• Codename pick of the week: Tardigrade
• Beer pick of the week: Machine House Brewery Stinging Nettle Ale 

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