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Mar 20th 2019

Windows Weekly 613

I Hate Funny

HoloLens, Google Stadia, Xbox Live

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Today's special guest: Microsoft engineering GM for mixed reality apps, Lorraine Bardeen.
• Let's talk more about what MS is doing with HoloLens, iOS, Android in mixed reality.

News of the Week

• Google announces Stadia, a cloud-based streaming game service that will compete with Microsoft's Project xCloud.
• Microsoft will respond at E3.
• Google has now been charged with three antitrust violations in the EU - Will it be hobbled like Microsoft was?
• Google agrees to let Android users in EU choose their browser, shades of Microsoft's Browser Ballot.

Windows 10
• 19H1 builds continue to be boring, the end is near. Plus this one. And then these two!
• Microsoft kills OneDrive music streaming to the Groove app. Now what?
• Huawei says it has made Windows and Android replacements just in case.
• Related: Windows 7 users – it wasn't you, it was Microsoft – if your security scans were going crazy this week.
• Also: We're all on Edgium/Chredge watch. More leaks (this time, the installer). This thing has to be close to public preview.

• New logos! Paul has seen them in Windows (Office Insider). Outlook on iOS. And Your Phone on Android.
• Microsoft Teams turns 2 (sort of). More new Teams features coming later this year: fake backgrounds, secure private channels, new camera tricks.

• Microsoft should have spun off Xbox a long time ago. Good thing it didn't.
• Microsoft brings Xbox Live to Android and iOS. Game Stack is the key.
• Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch … with Xbox Live.

Windows Weekly Tips and picks
• Tip of the Week: Join the Halo Insider Program 
• App pick of the Week: Castbox 
• Also: Firefox 66 Blocks ALL Auto-Play Content by Default
• Enterprise Pick of the week: Windows Defender Application Guard Extensions for Chrome, Firefox
• Also: A Little More Info on Windows 10 Removing Faulty Updates
• Codename Pick of the Week: Zipline
• Beer Pick of the Week: BFM 225th Anniversary BA Saison

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