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Oct 24th 2018

Windows Weekly 592

It'll Be Better Tomorrow

Best Phones for Windows Fans
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Category: News
  •  With the new Pixel 3s and iPhone XR/XSes out there, what are our new and updated recommendations these days for Windows users who are looking for new phones?
  •  Related: Google says it will fix photo‐loss bug in the new Pixels, but what about the other issues?
  •  Let's talk a bit about where MS is now and where it's going by bringing Android and iPhone devices into the Windows ecosystem.
  •  More data‐deletion problems have emerged in 1809. October is winding down and the October Update STILL isn't available.
  •  Related: MS didn't RTM Windows Server 2019, which has been pulled and is not available.
  •  Related: Last week, new 19H1 build allowing users to remove more preinstalled apps debuts.
  •  Related: 19H1 will allegedly overcome the performance issues from Spectre fixes.
  •  Paul finally got a Surface Laptop 2. More of the same, but now with better performance and it's black.
  •  New HP Spectre 360 and Elitebook x360.
  •  Samsung said close to launching a foldable laptop display ‐ Because?
  •  Microsoft FY19Q1 earnings are today (right after WW)
  •  Things to watch for: Commercial cloud number will be higher than normal because some LinkedIn revenues are now included.
  •  Related: What Microsoft exec compensation says about Redmond's priorities.

Tips and Picks

  •  Tip of the week: Xbox is having a "Shocktober" sale: Friday the 13th ($6), Alien Isolation: The Collection ($12), Prey ($15), and many other games are up to 70 percent off!
  •  Also: Microsoft just added four horror titles to Xbox Game Pass too!
  •  App pick of the week: Half‐Life 2 Orange Box, Portal, and Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 are now all on Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility and enhanced for Xbox One X.
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: How to get the MS Tech Community blogs into.
  •  Enterprise pick No. 2: The on‐prem version of the Office 2019 servers are available this week.
  •  Beer pick of the week: Springdale (Jack's Abby) Brigadeiro

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