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Oct 10th 2018

Windows Weekly 590

The News from Leak Woebegone

Win10 1809 Rollout Disaster
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Breaksclusive: The Windows 10 1809 rollout is officially a disaster.

  • After rushing Win 10 1809 to the finish line (without a Release Preview), MS starts rolling it out on October 2. Users start reporting their files, photos and other data being deleted.
  • On October 5, Microsoft pulls 1809 (and Win Server 2019). Some users installed it successfully; some didn't.
  • On October 9, Microsoft releases a refreshed Redstone 5 test build to Insiders in Slow, Preview rings with the data loss fix.
  • On October 9, Microsoft also releases a Cumulative Update for 1809 to those who successfully installed it, which also has the data loss fix.
  • Microsoft published a post-mortem claiming a tiny number were affected, but they're adding a "severity indicator" to Feedback.
  • What do we propose the Windows team do now to fix WaaS? Let home users defer updates? Refocus on fundamentals? Slow the update pace? All of the above?

In Other News

  • Expanding on last week's discussion, can Google + Microsoft finally happen with Terry Myerson gone?
  • Project xCloud game streaming testing to begin in 2019
  • Microsoft is hiring former Qualcomm engineers to its quantum-computing team
  • Microsoft joins OIN and offers 60K of its patents to other members royalty-free. Important note: Microsoft has 90K patents. This deal doesn't include Windows code, for example.
  • Related: Microsoft joins LOT Network and makes its patents available to members to fight trolls.
  • Intel releases first 9th-generation Core processors. This time they're focusing on where the money is.
  • Google has its own hardware event. And this time they're adding design to AI + software + hardware.

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: History in an Hour
  • App pick of the week: Sticky notes for mobile … sort of
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft Learn: Self-paced free training for a variety of MS products
  • Buzzword pick of the week: "Partner"
  • Beer pick of the week: Threes Instant Gratification


  • Next week: Paul and MJF will be keynoting the Microwarehouse Cloud Camp in Dublin. We will be doing Windows Weekly live from Dublin, too, at our same bat time and schedule. So 2 p.m ET next week, tune in and we'll be speaking Gaelic. (We'll be doing a meetup too after the show. Details to come!) 

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