Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott

May 30th 2018

Windows Weekly 572

Chocolate Blockchain

April 2018 Update Rushes Out
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Category: News
  • Over 50 percent of all Windows 10 PCs out in the world already have the April 2018 Update. Is Microsoft nuts?
  • Redstone 5 Build 17677 adds improvements to Microsoft Edge, more
  • Microsoft is allegedly improving ToDo finally
  • Microsoft brings ebooks to Microsoft Edge on iOS
  • Xbox: State of Decay 2 milestone is a good example of Microsoft's new success metrics
  • Xbox Game Pass gets 6 new games in June and PUBG gets twice as many maps as before!

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the week: Buy an Xbox One X, get a free game
  • App pick of the week: Send/receive text messages from your (Android) phone in Windows with AirText and Mightytext
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Azure Blockchain Workbench
  • Beer pick of the week: Bruery Tart of Darkness with Currants

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