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May 23rd 2018

Windows Weekly 571

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Windows 10 April Update problems, SharePoint Spaces mixed reality.
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Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Reports of problems continue, Microsoft continues to say it's all roses with 1803, but that's not what users are saying. Note: Paul called this three weeks ago based on his own experiences and feedback from readers. We can't know how many are affected (MS does), but MS needs to be more transparent on known issues, fixes, status, etc. Related: Microsoft Edge is not progressing fast enough. Why did Microsoft make it this way, and what should be done to fix this? Semi-related: HoloLens devices start getting the April 2018 update. Semi-related: Intel discloses new Spectre vulnerability. But there's some good news. Look who's talking, too: Microsoft's Xiaoice bot is getting smarter: Google's not the only one with an assistant that can talk like a human, why wasn't this thing announced at BUILD? Microsoft marketing needs a kick in the you know what. Related: PC makers are choosing Alexa over Cortana. Related: What does the Semantic Machines purchase mean to Cortana? Related: Watch out Alexa. Google's coming home SharePoint Spaces: Mixed reality comes to... Microsoft's document collaboration and management platform: Is this a smart idea or has Microsoft jumped the shark? Paul: Microsoft, meet shark. Related: New to the OneDrive roadmap as of this week Xbox June Update for Xbox One will bring some much-needed new features. Here comes Black Ops 4!

  • Tip of the week: Work towards curing your smartphone addiction
  • App pick of the week: Twitter LIte/Twitter for Windows 10
  • Enterprise pick of the week: SharePoint Server 2019
  • Codename pick of the week: Andromeda and Polaris
  • Beer pick of the week: Almanac Rose Sour

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