Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Mar 28th 2018

Windows Weekly 563

Hello, God. It's Me, Paul

Spring Creators Update

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What is Redstone 4? Let's step back and talk about what is in this thing, feature-wise. Fall Creators Update is now on 90% of Win 10 PCs. RS4 is coming to the HoloLens. Redstone 5 to get multi-session desktop/app remoting support. Envy x2 + Windows 10 on ARM: battery life, app compatibility, performance, and smartpen... so, what is the point of this thing? Heard any good Surface hardware rumors lately? How about the one about the MIA Type C dongle? Andromeda: Nothing new. Maybe they'll show this in May. Maybe not until later this year. MS Edge browser is now available on iPads and Android tablets.

  • Tip of the week: It's magic window time, baby!
  • App pick of the week: Twitter for Windows 10 (RS4+)
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Want a succinct overview of MS' AI toolset?
  • Enterprise pick No. 2: All About Azure Active Directory
  • Beer pick of the week: Bell's Oberon 

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