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Feb 28th 2018

Windows Weekly 559

Wear Socks to Bed

Windows on ARM Arrives
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Windows 10 RS4 Build 17110 has no new features for consumers - but some interesting enterprise features. Microsoft v. U.S. email case heats up, but the Supreme Court will clear up this mess to everyone's satisfaction. Did Apple just kick Azure to the curb? Fear and loathing in developer land. Google releases Flutter beta. What does this mean to PWAs? Or to Xamarin? More Andromeda silliness. 5G is coming. You can preorder the HP Envy x2 ARM. Mobile World Congress is underway. Samsung Galaxy S9 looks amazing. Nokia joins Android One and is coming to the US. Huawei keeps copying Apple. Google ARCore goes live.

  • Tip of the week: Games with Gold! Plus: COD: WWII gamers on Xbox/PC have a nice addition coming this week
  • App pick of the week: Grammarly for mobile. Plus: Microsoft Edge for iOS updated with 3D touch
  • Enterprise pick of the week: True guest access to be available for MS Teams starting March 5. Plus: There might be a free, standalone version of Teams coming after all.
  • Codename pick of the week: Zanzibar
  • Beer pick of the week: Other Half Forever Ever 

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