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Jan 24th 2018

Windows Weekly 554

Every Day Magic

What's NExT for Windows: AR/VR/MR.
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Category: News

What's NExT for Windows? There have been some shakeups (and layoffs) recently in the Windows org. Let's try to read the tea leaves re: what MS considers its Next Generation Experiences. Applause, please: MS Office codebases across platforms are now finally aligned. Xbox Gaming Pass just got way more interesting (for some of us, anyway).

  • Tip of the week: Want to escape fake news and political posts? Try Instagram instead of Facebook or Twitter.
  • App pick of the week: Office 365 comes to Microsoft Store. Maybe. I think so. Also: Object Desktop 2018 ... Now with Groupy!
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Spectre madness continues!
  • Enterprise pick No. 2: Always Connected PCs
  • Beer pick of the week: Baxter Window Seat 

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