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Dec 13th 2017

Windows Weekly 548

Deck the Gong

Top 10 Microsoft Stories of 2017
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Top 5 Microsoft stories of 2017!

MJF's picks - stuff that fell under the radar:

  • MS reorganizes sales staff
  • Growth mindset mania
  • Windows as a service
  • Big bundles 
  • Everybody's a friend, nobody's an enemy

PT's picks - hottest stories:

  • Windows as a service
  • Progressive web apps
  • Xbox One X  
  • AR and VR 
  • Windows 10 Snapdragon

More information and more questions since last week's event. There are obvious issues, but this is the future of the platform and it matters. Snapdragon 845 is huge, but how will these new features impact the PC? MS is working on more eSIM and power management capabilities for Always Connected PCs. Microsoft Edge usage is apparently even worse than we thought. Cortana now works with Google Calendar. Windows 10 whiteboard app is now in public preview. Microsoft claims education gains, but are they true? Team me up, Scotty! Teams is starting to get some of the advanced calling features MS promised, but full guest access for Teams is delayed until next year.  MS Quantum Computing dev kit is here minus the quantum computers.

Tip of the Week: 12 Days of Microsoft Deals. Today's deal is $200 off Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

App Pick of the Week: Stardock Groupy is here and PUBG arrives on Xbox One!

Enterprise Pick of the Week: Biz users beware of possible Microsoft support price hikes.

Codename Pick of the Week: Cobalt.

Beer Pick of the Week: Firestone Walker Helldorado.

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