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Nov 8th 2017

Windows Weekly 543

This War Ain't Gonna Win Itself

XBox One X Launch Review
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Xbox One X is a game changer, literally, the first true 4K video game console. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. This is the kind of press---and lines at their stores---that Microsoft never gets. 

How to decide: Should you get an Xbox One X?  
Phil Spencer says MS is going to invest even more in first party games (and that MS may try again to do an Azure-powered streaming service.)  If at first you don't succeed (with Arcadia), try, try again? 

Intel is teaming up with AMD for high-end portable PCs - Why? 
Broadcom wants to purchase Qualcomm for $100+ billion (!) - Why? 
Analysis: These two deals are great examples of how the future of the PC industry is being shaped - Intel, etc focused on performance, ARM focused on mobility. Intel and Windows will always win at the former, but the latter will be split between many platforms. 
Microsoft ships Windows 10 IoT Fall Creators Update.
Win 10 Enterprise users will be able to integrate 3rd p. Security services w. Win 10 Defender ATP. 
What is a "highly secure"Windows 10 PC?
Sort of related: The mysterious Swing acquisition/non-acquisition  

  • Tip of the week: Get your games onto your new Xbox One X (Part 2) 
  • App pick of the week - iOS: Edge updated for iPhone  - Android: Pocket Casts picks up some great Oreo features 
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Resume Assistant 
  • Codename pick of the week: Project Cerberus 
  • Beer pick of the week: Boulevard Collaboration No. 7 Oak Aged Lager

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