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Sep 13th 2017

Windows Weekly 535

You Should've Named Him Cuphead

Where is Windows' Mobile Strategy?
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The day after Apple's not-so-compelling iPhone 8 and X announcements, let's talk mobile for the Windows gal/guy. Paul Thurrott is going Android (!) after years on iPhone. Mary Jo Foley is all-in on Android. Is there any hope for a future Windows Mobile platform? Yes (Paul: no), but it might not be for you. Microsoft's position continues to be: All we care (hope) is you'll use Windows on PCs with iOS/Android phones (the Build 2017 strategy.) Andromeda revisited: This is not just hardware, but software too.
Windows 10: Another day, another new Insider build (and this is still NOT RTM, MS says!) Also, another Skip Ahead build. More tweaks to the privacy settings coming with Windows 10 FCU. Are these as ineffectual as what they did in the Spring? What drove them to do more? MS is getting ready to start servicing Windows 10 on ARM. Microsoft scrambles to meet its Story Remix promises. 
Some Skype for Business features to migrate to Teams. MS accidentally leaks its own Skype for Business plans ahead of Ignite. Related (sort of): New Skype family features.
Microsoft is doing a Centennial version of OneNote, after all. New add-in apps come to Outlook for Android. New search experience is testing on iOS too. 
• Tip of the week: Don't use Microsoft Movies & TV. Seriously 
• App pick of the week: OneNote 2016 (Windows Store) 
• Bonus app picks: SwiftKey for Android and Outlook for Android 
• Bonus mention: Grammarly is on Microsoft Edge now too 
• Enterprise pick of the week: eSign, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 (oh my) 
• Enterprise tip of the week: Need help figuring out your Ignite session list? MS Australia OEM blog to the rescue.
• Beer pick of the week: Founders Porter
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