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Aug 30th 2017

Windows Weekly 533

Sumo in a Sidecar

Romance of the week: Cortana+Alexa
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Well, look at that. Microsoft does have a Cortana strategy. The partnership will put Alexa on Cortana, Cortana on Alexa was initiated by Jeff Bezos over a year ago. What does this mean to Cortana, really, given its also-ran status? Is Cortana just another Alexa skill? And is Cortana on Windows 10 just another way to access Alexa? Related thought: We often describe Cortana's failure as a byproduct of Microsoft's mobile failures, but Amazon failed in mobile too. And remember: Amazon and Microsoft are the weakest among the 4 voice assistant vendors, in terms of total reach. Controversy of the week: NYPD dumps "useless" Windows phones. First, NY Post writes a scathing and accurate article about NYPD's terrible Windows phone adoption decision. Next, the person responsible for this decision writes a rebuttal. But here's the thing. The real reason they adopted WP was that the phones were free, as were the replacement phones they would get after two years. Who subsidized that little deal? Build(s) of the week: Windows 10. Two Inside Preview builds since the last show, 16275 and 16278 (or, three in one week). No more new features. Focus on ship-quality quality, stability. Windows Mixed Reality comes into focus for the holidays. Here's a nice workaround for getting Photoshop Elements 15 to work on Windows 10 S. Creators Update hits two-thirds of all Windows 10 PCs, but it's still lagging behind the Anniversary Update. Awesomeness of the week: Xbox One X. Microsoft's 4K console is off to a fast start. Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One X is the "fastest ever" Xbox for preorders.

  • Tip of the week: Save Big on Groove Music Pass
  • App pick of the week: ReCore Definitive Edition for Windows 10/Xbox One
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Microsoft Unified Support
  • Codename pick of the week: How to think about feature updates and Windows Server
  • Beer pick of the week: x

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