Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott

Jun 14th 2017

Windows Weekly 522

A Woman of Few Apps

Xbox One X, Surface Laptop Arrives
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Microsoft inaugurates the 4K generation with Xbox One X. $500 price tag is just right. Arrives November 7. Current games will look, play better on Xbox One X. Original Xbox games are coming to Backward Compatibility. Surface Laptop: is it lappable? And what about that Windows 10 S thing? Last week's Windows 10 Fast Ring build was almost certainly the biggest Insider build ever. Major changes coming to Microsoft Edge. Cortana changes are coming soon too. Intel is hinting that it's ready to fight over x86 emulation. Microsoft and Qualcomm say they're keeping calm and carrying on. Patch Tuesday: XP gets patched again - MS hints of more possible WannaCry-type issues in the wings. Whether you think this is bad (like Brad and others) or an unavoidable action (MJF), patch ALL your Windows machines, people.

  •  Tip of the week: Design a custom Xbox One Wireless controller
  • App pick of the week: Firefox 54
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: Power BI Premium goes GA
  •  Beer pick of the week: Barrier Earth

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