Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Jan 11th 2008

Windows Weekly 46

Statler and Waldorf on CES

Paul reviews the "Crapfest Electronics Show": Bye-Bye HD-DVD, WHS Power Pack, FIOS, the OLPC and Eee PC and more...

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Category: News


  • The Crapfest Electronics Show
  • Bye-Bye HD-DVD
  • WHS Power Pack
  • FIOS
  • OLPC and Eee PC
  • Origami 2.0
  • RIP Zune
  • iPhone Hatah
  • Wired article about the iPhone

Audible Pick of the Week: iCon by Jeffrey S. Young

Software Picks of the Week

Vista Tip of the Day

  • Winodws Mobility Center hack

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