Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Jun 26th 2009

Windows Weekly 113

The Rural Juror

Windows 7 retail pricing, RC downloads, MSE/Morro public beta, iPhone 3GS, the Web's future, and more.

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Windows 7 retail pricing, RC downloads, MSE/Morro public beta, iPhone 3GS, the Web's future, and more.

  • Windows 7 retail pricing revealed
    • Basically the same as Windows Vista
    • Huge discounts if you preorder for a limited time
    • Free copy of Windows 7 for anyone buying Vista-based PC
    • Missing pieces: Windows Anytime Upgrade pricing, multi-PC licensing
    • More to come
  • Windows 7 RC downloads extended to August 15
    • Previous date was end of July
  • MSE/Morro public beta comes and goes
    • 75,000 download limit hit within 24 hours
    • Unclear if there will be more public beta releases
  • iPhone 3GS off to a great start
    • Had time to play with a Palm Pre this week
    • It's too slow, the app situation is an embarrassment
    • Microsoft can't move quickly enough with Windows Mobile; could be too late already
  • The future of the web
    • HTML 5 vs. Adobe Flash vs. Silverlight
    • Microsoft should be releasing IE updates every year
    • Where's HTML 5 support in IE?
    • It's time for more transparency
    • Otherwise, just give up and adopt WebKit or Gecko
  • Tip of the Week: Drag and drop to Explorer address bar in Windows 7 - Having trouble finding the tiny gap between icons and the underlying window? Windows 7 makes it easier.
  • Grab classic games for cheap at [ (Good Old Games)] - Like Steam, but for last decade's best games
    • Ex: Duke Nukem 3D ($6), Fallout ($6), Unreal Tournament GOTY ($10)
    • No DRM, redownload purchased titles whenever you want
    • Excellent compatibility across XP, Vista (including x64)
    • After-purchase goodies, like wallpapers, PDF documentation, videos, more
  • Software pick of the week: Paul Allen is back, sort of

Audible pick of the week: Relentless, Unabridged, By Dean Koontz, Narrated by Dan John Miller. For a free credit toward the audiobook of your choice, visit

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