Untitled Linux Show

Jun 23rd 2024

Untitled Linux Show 157

Squidgame Installer

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

RISC-V Framework, Still X Windows, and More Kaspersky

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Category: News

It's another Linux laptop, and this time Framework is bringing the RISC-V heat. There's an LTS battle brewing, KDE pushes 6.1 with more fixes, and X Windows turns 40. And don't forget the Firefox beta, Raspberry Pi going Monochrome, and more news about Kaspersky. For tips, we have a tiling shell in Gnome, the fuser command for finding what's using that file, nproc for showing off how many cores your new machine has, and how to convince your browser to visit that IPv6 address instead of just searching it. The notes are available at https://bit.ly/4ewEzRF 


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