Untitled Linux Show

Jun 2nd 2024

Untitled Linux Show 154

The Elastic Waistband of Linux

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Hosted by Ken McDonald, Jeff Massie

Kernels, Distros, and an XZ Update

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Category: News

We're all about the Real-Time kernel, and so is Ubuntu, who is now offering it as an option for 22.04. Then there's the new UAlink specification for AMD and Intel accelerators, a trio of distro releases to cover, and the latest and greatest in kernel 6.10. For tips we have bartib for time tracking; a set of commands for auditing logins, system shutdowns, and restarts; and a recap of ping, ending with how to specify ipv4 or ipv6. The notes are available at https://bit.ly/3V4P7yC and enjoy the show!

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