Untitled Linux Show

May 19th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 152

Rhymes with Bread Cat

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

LinWamp, Kernel 6.9, and the Pi 5 NVMe

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Category: News

Broadcom makes an offer to give us vmware for free, with an asterisk. Ubuntu is already looking at how to polish the 24.10 release, The Raspberry Pi Foundation releases the official NVMe hat, and Winamp has an announcement. A Debian maintainer made a questionable call regarding KerPassXC, and CIQ makes the case that all vendor kernels are insecure. Then, for tips we have uxplay for airplay on Linux, cd - for quick directory flipping, more spring cleaning, and pkg-config for a scriptable way to check for dependencies. The show notes are at https://bit.ly/3V9CCmI and enjoy the show!

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