Untitled Linux Show

May 12th 2024

Untitled Linux Show 151

Smarter Dumb Terminal

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

Nvidia Surprises, RHEL Offers AI, and Open Source Crossroads

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Category: News

We're talking about Google's layoffs and how it affects Flutter and Dart, then AMD is working to push AMF code into FFMPEG, and it's time for Open Source to grow up. RHEL has an AI offering, NVidia is suggesting Open Source kernel drivers, and Zed is coming to Linux. Then there's Pi Connect pulling a Sherlock, KDE working on color management, and a bit of a history lesson on where we came from. For tips, we have the Radion TUI radio player, || : to ignore errors in a script, the Mixxx DJ app for all those underground raves, and PanWriter for markup editing. You can catch the show notes at https://bit.ly/3UTCJ5C, and we'll see you next time!

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