Untitled Linux Show

Apr 22nd 2024

Untitled Linux Show 148

Gonna Cost 64 ARMs

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Hosted by Rob Campbell, Jeff Massie

Browsers on ARM, openSUSE wins, and NVIDIA Pigs Fly

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Category: News

Need a Linux distro to clean up after a ransomware incident? We've got CSI Linux! Want to run a newer mainline kernel with a RHEL derivitave? Rocky's doing it! And Nvidia has hired a Nouveau developer, the 6.10 kernel may have a blue screen of death, and Gentoo bans AI code! For tips we have nmon to build-your-own top, the final staps to re-sizing a virtual machine drive, and obfuscate for doing a bit of image redaction. Find the show notes at https://bit.ly/3Ju3l6G and see you next week!

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