Untitled Linux Show

Jan 2nd 2024

Untitled Linux Show 132

A Big Bucket of Binaries

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

Predictions, Distros, and the Year in Review

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Category: News

Last year, we had some predictions about what 2023 would bring. How'd we do? There's some news to cover from the past two weeks, like the release of the Fedora Asahi spin, Wayland *not* breaking everything, and the very cursed diagonal monitor mode that only Linux supports. SystemD adds encrypted boot support, Chimera OS might be worth a look for your HTPC, and the Fedora stearing committe is weighing a round of interesting changes for Fedora 40, like unifying /bin and /sbin. Then we cover predictions for 2024, like the importance of Ubuntu's next LTS, AMD's GPU outlook, the future of Cosmic, and how exciting 2024 is going to be for desktop Linux users. We cover our favorite tips from the year, and sneak in a couple more aliases you might want to use.

You can find the show notes at https://bit.ly/3veYhix and join us next time for a whole new year of Linux!

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