Untitled Linux Show

Jul 31st 2021

Untitled Linux Show 11

Untitled Linux Show (aka This Week in 'Nux)

Hosted by Jonathan Bennett

Untitled Linux Show - July 31, 2021

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Category: News

The gang is back for a news heavy show, covering topics like the Fail2ban security issue and the latest news on NTFS and the real time patches in the vanilla kernel. They geeked out over ray tracing in the open source Vulkan drivers, and Pulseaudio's latest release. They chatted about Github's efforts to protect developers against DMCA take-downs, as well as the latest Raspberry Pi and PinePhone news. To round out the show, the panel covered a handful of must-know CLI tips, like YouTube-dl and eject. It's a great time with old friends, so give it a listen!

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