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Jul 8th 2020

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Google Smart Home Virtual Summit

"Hey Google" Smart Home Summit
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"Hey Google" Smart Home Summit

Google hosted this virtual smart home IoT conference for developers, their first after canceling Google I/O and other events. TWiT's Smart Tech Today hosts Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli gave color commentary. The event was not quite the professionally-produced affair that Apple and Microsoft gave us at their developer keynotes earlier this year - it seemed more like a hastily-arranged Zoom call. 

  • After a 15-minute delay, Vlad Serban, the Strategic Partner Development Manager for Scale at Google, started things off. 
  • Phillip Klimke, the Strategic Partner Development Manager for Security at Google, discussed security. 
  • Tasnoba Nusrat, the Strategic Partner Development Manager for Comfort and Control at Google, talked about controlling energy management devices. 
  • Katelyn Mason, the Strategic Partner Development Manager for SHED at Google, introduced Google's home entertainment devices. 
  • Alessandro Germano, the Head of Business Development for Latin America and Bianca Waclawek, the Strategic Partner Development Manager for LATAM at Google, focused on the importance of developing relationships in Latin America. 

The main keynote featured Michele Turner, Director of Product Management for Google Smart Home Ecosystem Devices. She quickly went through several IoT topics: 

  • New Google Smart Home Ecosystem devices and routines 
  • Gentle Sleep and Wake 
  • Android 11 will have dedicated IOT controls 
  • New security controls for IoT devices 
  • More controls for state reporting 
  • New Local Home SDK with improved controls, smart home logs, statistics, and analytics 
  • The transition from "Works with Nest" to "Works with Google Assistant" 
  • More "Home and Away" routines and custom routines for partners 
  • With Project Connected Home Over IP, Google is working with Amazon, Apple, and Zigbee to develop an open standard for IoT based on Internet Protocol        

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