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Nov 17th 2016

TWiT News 313

L.A. Auto Show

Custom rides, Extended EV’s, and the future of automotive tech!
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Guests: Tim Stevens
Category: News

In the market for a new ride? Or just interested in the latest automotive tech news available? We checked out some insane custom rides, Chevy’s extended electric vehicle the Volt, Ford’s EcoBoost motors pack power in a small package, Tim Stevens from CNet's RoadShow explains the future of tech in the automotive industry and BMW makes an Olympic wheelchair.

  • Chevrolet, Michelle Malcho- The Volt delivers 53 miles when only using the battery or up to 420 miles with a fuel tank of gas.
  • Galpin Auto Sports, Mad Mike - Take a look into the artistic and sometimes strange world of custom cars with Mad Mike from the TV show “Pimp My Ride”.
  • RoadShow, Tim Stevens - Tim and Padre go over the hot tech from this years AutoShow and where the future of tech is going with the automobile industry.
  • BMW Olympic Wheelchair, Brad Cracchiola - BMW carries over years of automotive technology to create the most advanced Wheelchair in the world.
  • Ford EcoBoost and Echo Sport, Eric Loefler - Making an engine powerful and economic Ford’s EcoBoost technology continues to innovate in a compact package.

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