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Jun 13th 2016

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WWDC Keynote

Apple Watch (watchOS), Apple TV (tvOS), macOS (OS X), and iOS.
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This year marked Apple's 27th WWDC presentation showing a wide variety of new features for both old and new technology. Primarily aimed at promoting the newest features of the Apple Watch (watchOS), Apple TV (tvOS), macOS (OS X), and iOS. The highlights being the new cross-platform capabilities with all Apple devices, giving users the ability to copy/paste between their iPhone and their Macbook, as well as save, access, and edit multiple files between all Apple devices. Users will now also be able to control all their home automation devices with Apple's newest feature the Home app, and iPhone owners will receive a plethora of new features that vastly improve their user experience. As well as opening up the Home, Maps, & Messaging app to third-party developers, and an introduction into Apple's newest educational feature called Swift Playground. Which provides an accessible platform into learning code.

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