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Jan 29th 2024

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CES 2024: Gadgets

Innovations in cables, speakers, and more at CES 2024 with Father Robert Ballecer

Category: News

Father Robert Ballecer provides an entertaining rundown of his favorite gadgets from CES 2024. In part 2 of his Las Vegas trip, he showcases 10 cool and unique devices that caught his eye at the show.

  • The RCA smart bird feeder uses AI to identify bird species and provides HD video footage that you can access via an app.
  • The Govee AI sync box 2 (#9) uses lighting effects that match what's on your TV or monitor for an immersive viewing experience.
  • The Amazfit Helio ring (#8) is a fitness tracker packed into a titanium ring that monitors health stats like heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
  • The Rolling Square inCharge M (#7) is a coilable magnetic cable that always returns to its original coiled shape.
  • The Rocksteady Stadium (#6) is a modular wireless speaker system that lets you network multiple speakers for seamless 360° audio.
  • The Neakasa NoMo N3 Robot Vacuum (#5) is a feature-packed premium robotic vacuum with smart mapping and google/amazon assistant support for $250.
  • The Runhood 1200 Pro (#4) is a robust 1200+ watt hour modular power station perfect for RV and van life.
  • The HP Poly Voyager Free 60 (#3) are UC-optimized wireless earbuds with great sound and battery life for an affordable price.
  • The Targus Dual Host KVM Dock750 (#2) lets you control two computers (Mac, Windows, Linux) from one keyboard, mouse, and set of ports seamlessly.
  • Timekettle (#1) impressed with their X1 Interpreter Hub that enables real-time translation across languages using AI.

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