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Jan 13th 2024

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CES 2024: Tech Trends

Energy and AI Innovations Ignite at CES 2024 with Father Robert Ballecer

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Father Robert Ballecer reports live from CES 2024, giving an overview of the major technology trends and themes on display at the massive electronics and technology trade show, including the proliferation of off-grid and portable power solutions, the ubiquity of electric vehicles, the explosion of AI integrations, and the concept of autonomous resource extraction ecosystems. 

  • The first big trend is the explosion of off-grid, portable, and hybrid power solutions, from suitcase-sized inverters to whole-home solar+storage systems to portable power banks for appliances and tools. Fr. Robert highlights Runhood's modular battery packs as an affordable and flexible home energy storage solution. 
  • Electrified vehicles of all kinds—cars, trucks, boats, bikes, scooters, etc.—are becoming ubiquitous across the entire CES show floor. Fr. Robert calls out Kia's modular, customizable PBV electric van concept with interlinking capabilities between vehicles. 
  • AI integrations are everywhere at CES 2024, from questionable examples like smart trash cans to truly useful ones like shoes that analyze gait with insole sensors and give personalized feedback through AI. 
  • Autonomous resource extraction combines remote operation, AI, electrification, and self-sufficiency. Hyundai's vision shows AI robots generating power, mining hydrogen, and transporting materials autonomously. 
  • While many tech trends fade away, the trajectories of electrification and AI look strong. The future promises continued innovation in green energy, autonomy, and automation.

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