Tech Break

Dec 12th 2018

Tech Break 5440

YottaDB Overview

Hosted by Randal Schwartz
NoSQL Like Never Before
Guests: K.S. Bhaskar
Category: TWiT Bits

A lifelong hacker and geek, K.S. Bhaskar has been programming for almost half a century, and as a consequence of the technology gap between India and the US when he was an undergraduate, has programmed computers designed in the 1950s. He spent many years in the electronic test and measurement, and scientific computing worlds before moving to databases and the predecessor of YottaDB. He led GT.M, the predecessor of YottaDB from 1995 to 2017, before founding YottaDB in 2017 to take that code base – which by then felt to him like one of his children – to new markets and applications.

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