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May 27th 2007

This Week in Tech 99

Happy Towel Day

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Borrowing Wi-Fi is a crime, Dell arrives at Wal-Mart, and Norton crashes Chinese PCs....
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Borrowing Wi-Fi is a crime, Dell arrives at Wal-Mart, and Norton crashes Chinese PCs....

  • A Symantec update has quarantined 2 critical files in the Chinese version of Windows which has bricked some machines.
  • Male partial nudity is the cause of a delay in the impending Halo 2 PC launch.
  • A Michigan man has been arrested for using a cafe's free WiFi from his car.
  • Sony has developed a 2.5" razor-thin bendabledisplay.
  • If you're driving a 2007 Infiniti G35 or Nissan Altima, do not place your cell phone near the electronic keys. Incoming or outgoing calls will erase them.
  • Nokia and Qualcomm are in a patent spat.
  • Facebook now allows you to add applicationsto your profile. They have an API. Mark Zuckerberg has even made mention about a Facebook social OS.
  • It is Towel Day in tribute to the late author Douglas Adams.
  • It has been 30 years since the release of the first Star Wars movie.
  • Check out Dvorak's review of an IBM PS-2 computer from 1987.
  • LucasFilm is providing 250 clips on the Star Wars website, and people will be able to mash them up.
  • Finland is allowing DVD copying because the CSS copy protection has been deemed by them as ineffective.
  • You're all invited to the TWiT 100 show/Jaiku party.
  • On episode 168 of DL.TV, Patrick and gang played around with a $99 Linux computer.
  • The RIAA says that the radio needs to pay royalty fees.
  • Dell is planning on selling its PCs at Wal-Mart.
  • Several politicians want to begin taxing Internet sales.
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will share the stage at the D: All Things Digitalconference.
  • Dvorak thinks that Bill Gates is using too much makeup.
  • There is a Zune Amnesty Bin in the Microsoft offices.
  • Rumors are flying that Google may be purchasing Feedburner.
  • Dvorak has been named as Vice President of Podshow.