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Jun 30th 2024

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Supreme Court Decisions, Snapdragon X Elite Tests

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Category: News

Supreme Court Decisions, Snapdragon X Elite Tests

  • Murthy Decision Should Not Foreclose Cases Against Actual First Amendment Violations 
  • What SCOTUS just did to broadband, the right to repair, the environment, and more 
  • Nearly 4,000 arrested in global police crackdown on online scam networks 
  • Mark Cuban’s public email was hacked after receiving call from a fake Google rep 
  • The Julian Assange Saga Is Finally Over 
  • Microsoft's bundling of Office and Teams breaks antitrust law, EU says 
  • EU Competition Commissioner says Apple’s decision to pull AI from EU shows anticompetitive behavior 
  • Microsoft says it's okay to steal content published on the web 
  • Microsoft's Surface Laptop 7 Copilot+ PC is finally the best clamshell laptop on the market after 8 years of iterations 
  • Tested: Don’t buy a Snapdragon X Elite laptop for PC gaming 
  • Signal 65 Snapdragon battery testing 
  • The RIAA’s lawsuit against generative music startups will be the bloodbath AI needs 
  • Wherein The Copia Institute Asks The Second Circuit To Stand Up For Fair Use, The Internet Archive, And Why We Bother To Have Copyright Law At All 
  • Redbox’s owner files for bankruptcy after repeatedly missing payments and payroll

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